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Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry

Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry (HTSM) is a mind body therapy, which works with the life force energy fields that surround and penetrate the human body. When these fields are in balance, you are more likely to be  healthy and vital. When the energy is out of balance, you are more prone to dis-ease and unhappiness.

You receive HTSM fully clothed on a massage table. Try it, you’ll be surprised at the wellbeing you receive from this positive energy therapy. Off-site appointments are available in an office, care facility, hospital and hospice.

Guided Meditation


Guided meditation is the use of relaxation and mental visualization to

improve mood and/or physical well-being.  The connection between the mind and physical health has been well documented and extensively studied.  Positive mental imagery can promote relaxation and reduce stress, improve mood, control high blood pressure, alleviate pain, boost the immune system, and lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Guided meditation may be combined with HTSM and Reflexology sessions.

Workshops & Speaking Engagements


Paulette is available and qualified to teach and present a wide variety of classes and topics and has extensive experience in small, large and retreat group settings. Here are a few topic and ideas; contact her with your groups needs.

*What is HTSM? Reflexology? 

*Aromatherapy for stress, energy, Holistic practices for kids, etc..

*Meditation for beginners.

*Angel Affirmations

*Toe Reading: there is a reason why your foot is referred to as your sole!




Soul Guidance &
aspiring future Spiritual Director


Paulette feels it is important to feed spiritual hunger for growth, support, healing, peace and forgiveness. Sometimes we need help recognizing the sacred in our life and reaching wholeness.  


Distance Healing


Soul Spa offers long distance services to clients all over the world. Whether it be a long distance healing session, prayer request or soul guidance; near or far, Paulette is here to pray for you and walk with you in friendship and guidance on your journey.

Prayers and Praise Book


Soul Spa offers a book for prayer intentions and praise of thanksgiving. If you are struggling and would like prayers for you, a friend or loved one, or to give thanksgiving send an email under the contact tab with prayer request or praise in the subject line. Please provide first name, location and specifics. Your confidential email will be included in the book of prayers & praise and held in God's healing light.

Is anyone among you suffering? He should pray.  Is anyone in good spirits?  He should sing praise.    James 5:13 

Wellness Investment

Each session is tailored specifically for you and we will work

with your individual budget needs, including gifts in kind.


Soul Spa Special: 

4  HTSM/Reflexology Sessions for the price of 3!  $195

4 Raindrop TechniqueTM for the price of 3!          $225

Prefer special not be shared.

  • New Clients add 15 minutes to your service - $0

  • Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry 60 mins. - $65

  • HTSM  30 minutes (great for children) - $40

  • Off-Site HTSM/Reflexology Session - $65

  • Reflexology 60 minutes - $65

  • Reflexology 30 minutes - $40

  • Raindrop TechniqueTM 60 minutes - $75

  • Emotional Release 90 minutes - $99

Raindrop Technique TM &  Emotional Release 

RaindropTM is a powerful technique using essential oils. It brings balance and alignment to the body in a non-invasive manner.  This technique involves applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the spine, neck and feet. The session lasts about an hour however the benefits may last up to a week or more.


Emotional Release Technique is an advanced exercise using a God centered guided meditation, journal time and therapeutic grade essential oils in anointing for the release of painful memories, events, hurts and grief. It simulates all the body systems on a physical and emotional level and can be a life changing experience. Journal included. 

Gift Certificates are available for all occasions and include a gift bag ready for giving!


Referrals and positive reviews are the ultimate compliment for a service provider.  If you make a referral, leave a positive rating, give a shout out on social media in our favor, let Paulette know at booking and she will add-on a 15 min. service to your session for FREE as a thank you!    


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Electrical energy produced from the massage of reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears during this manual technique helps to bring back balance to the nerve pathways in a non-invasive manner, hits problems areas in the body that are not easily accessible, reduces stress and tension, helps detox the lymphatic system and supports the body systems to function optimally.  The effects of Reflexology are recognized world wide.
Aroma Vita Flex-ology, The Signature Treatment for the Feet, - is inspired by a Tibetan technique developed thousands of years before acupuncture.  It literally means “vitality through the reflexes.” with high quality essential oils that are tailored to your individual needs and enhances the process by driving the oils into the corresponding reflexology points.  Included in HTSM & Raindrop TechniqueTM sessions.
Aroma Vita Flex-ology
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